Who Is Khimandi...

With more than 20 years of experience in different regions of the country, Kim has been exposed to, and catered to, a plethora of clientele. With her innovative styles, her artistry has always been cutting edge. Kim is an artist who fearlessly transforms and creates new looks for the women of today.
“I am A creative Hair Artist who loves the Art, Culture, and Style of hair.”
As an Educator, Hair Artist, Mentor, and Salon Owner - Kim encourages fellow hairstylists to follow their dreams and to become the best version of themselves. Her influence and passion for hair is fresh inspiration for many.
Along with her hair posts, inspiring quotes for women, and her love for music she now adds her newest project- The Oil. I am so excited to share my oil with you.  The Oil was created a few years ago, but with a few enhancements,  The Oil is launched.
 I'm born and raised in Baltimore, but I've now added Dallas as home.
I am the proud owner of Khimandi Hair Studio in Arlington,Tx. 
Kim AKA Khimandi